Tuesday, March 2, 2010

trying to make the best of a sticky mess...

Well, life sure has a way of turning and turning and turning... churning and churning.. burning and burning.. ha ha ha ha just had to keep the rhymes going...mowing...snowing. Okay, I will stop!!
I had a great trip to my sisters house a little while ago and took a whole bunch of pics, but I am at Brody's right now, so I cant download them, but believe me . I have some to post. (just for you mom)
This year, Disney land is giving away free tickets to their marvelous parks. When my kids and I found out about it, we yelled.. LETS DO IT!!!! so we are giving a day of service for a Disney day at Disneyland!! yay!!And you can too.. just visit disneyparks.com and click on the link..

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  1. Love the picture! And the rhyming! And you of course:)