Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jeep fixin day!!

My jeep is awesome! However, it has issues and needs a little TLC. I have taken it in to a mechanic 3 times already and they cant figure out what is wrong. So, I am taking it in to the dealership.. ugh! expencive!!  I am sure they will know common problems for the jeep and can figure it out a lot sooner.  I am praying that whatever it is will be easy to fix and not super expencive!!

On another note, I am having a good time these last few days. Hanging with good friends, meeting new friends and trying hard to focus on what matters most.  Smiling more, playing more and trying to find my real joys in life... a few live with me on the weekends...  love those babies!!

Ellens birthday is coming up soon. She will be ten and wants 10 of her closest girl friends to come over for a red carpet birthday party! She is so cute.. Love that sweet girl!!

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