Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Word to the wise...

Hi, its me again... I have a very important message to all..

If you are reading my blog for enjoyment and because you love me and are genuinely concerned for my well being... carry on!! I love you!!

If you are reading this blog to try and find out if I willl slander my ex husband or say mean things so you can run back and say.. kim said she hates you... please discontinue reading this blog. I don"t welcome you. Please delete me from your facebook page and do not contact me. I want nothing to do with Drama..

Divorce is hard enough with out people stirring the pot.. don't make it harder!!

It is true that Shawn is a great human being!! I am not here to judge him.. It is not my place.. or yours.. spend your time on more worthwile things.. take up a new hobby... leave me in peace!!

Again.. all you who are just wanting to know how I am.. I Love You!! Carry on!!!