Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ok.. A trip to the ocean is in order...

This coming weekend, I am going to the ocean. I was going to go to Julies (sorry Jules) but my mom told me that I needed the sea. And I know she is right. I will have my kids and my camera with me and I am totally excited. I think the plan is to stay with my grandpa in oregon and then hang out at the beach collecting shells and running in the waves.. I am such a water baby... I know that my kids have never seen the ocean, so I am excited to share with them one of lifes most amazing things.. the ocean.
    I might have to buy a tiny tv for the car.... lol... who knows!!?? Here is a picture from when I went to UT to visit my sister.. she has 5 boys under the age of 8.. oh my!!

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