Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Something just dawned on me... there is more than me and three..

So this blog is called "the simple life of me and three" and that is not us at all anymore.. at all. I need to change it up I guess.. Maybe revamp my old blog that I navigate better and can blog to more from. The gluten free gang.. I don't know.. Maybe a new blog all together. One that is snazzy and upbeat and totally crazy, just like us.. Something for me to think about.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

All I want is LOVE eternally... with your heart facing me..

As this summer comes to a close and the kids go back to school and the expectation for temperatures to fall into nice ranges, like 70 and such increases.. I reflect a bit on lessons I have learned to get to the place I am at now.. (Which is.. engaged to an amazing and wonderful man who will take me the direction I need to go.) .. I realize that Heavenly Father knows exactly what he is doing!!  I am about to embark on the most exciting and amazing journey of my life with my best friend.. How did this all happen, you may ask???.. well, I will tell you..

I met Sean one brisk morning last August as I was attending my Anatomy & Physiology lab at BSU. It was early.. like 7:30 am.. and I was on the waiting list for the lab, so I wasn't sure where to sit or if I even should sit down. I looked at the sea of young 18 and 19 year olds and found one (really handsome) face that looked like maybe he wasn't 19, luckily the seat across from him was open so I sat in the empty seat. He was nice, said hi and as I was getting frustrated trying to open a package of plastic dividers, I looked over and asked if he would help me.. I think I might have even thrown them in his direction. He opened them and I went on with busying myself before the class started. We went through getting to know you games and looking through a microscope correctly and then we left class, glad to be done. I dropped the class... Fortunately for me, he looked at my name from one of the getting to know you games and emailed me a couple weeks later, something like.. Class isn't the same without you.. for a while we kept running into each other and chance meeting would lead to chatting and chatting lead to lunches and small planned meetings until I finally told him I was dating someone else... then... NOTHING... for 2 months I dated someone else and heard nothing from Sean. No facebook, no emails, no texts.. nothing... I figured he just didn't want to worry about little ol science class girl, so I didn't worry about it tooo much.
      AND THENNNNN... Just after the New Year, I got a text from Sean that simply wished me a happy New Year. I was very surprised and happy to hear from him.. So I texted back and we didn't stop texting for days and days.. We covered so much that had nothing to do with anything and then some important things as well, it was easy to talk to him and even though I was dating a few other people, he stayed in my mind and thoughts all the time.  The night clearest in head was February 2nd. He came to my house for the first time and brought me some daisies, gerbera daisies, and we talked for a while, ended up snuggling in front of a movie and somehow ended up kissing.. It was the sweetest kiss I have ever experienced to this day. I was amazed at how well we connected and wanted to be with him a lot more than every so often, so we started dating...
       I wish I could say we never had a bad moment, but we have had days where we really struggled. We have broken up and gotten back together (usually only for a few hours) and there have been tears and apologies shared from both of us. What I am learning is that those moments brought us closer together and made us more empathetic towards each other. So, I am grateful we went through some rough times together and know that there is a strength that comes from really putting your heart in someone else's hands.
    So this past month has been the worst and best for us. At the beginning of the month we had broken up.  A choice I had felt was best. I had no intention of getting back together because I felt like I was going to just be a single person the rest of my life.. I said things to myself, like, "I am just to set in my ways to get mixed up with anyone" and "life is less complicated without having to worry about someone else all the time"... Yeah... I know.. Stupid selfishness ruled my brain and I wasn't very proud of my actions for the two weeks without Sean in my life.. but then I got a text that said something like this.. Goodbye Jenny.. they are sending me to Vietnam. I freaked out!!  I thought he was suicidal or something and I panicked.. I wrote back "what do you mean?" and he explained to me that he was going to New York to visit his sitser and wanted to say goodbye. The relief that I felt in that moment was enough for me to realize that I wanted to be with this man.. So I asked if we could talk when he got back and we did talk. It was so nice to be with him and smile again.. The real kind of smile that comes from your heart.. That happy feeling of peace when you feel like you are connected at the heart.. and we are definitely connected at the heart.
      He asked me August 16th to be his fiance in front of the Boise Temple (that is currently under construction) and I was so surprised and happy to say that I would.. I love this man with all that I am. I am excited to share a life and eternity with him. We plan to be married on September 22 (yes, next month!!) and then we will be sealed in the temple as soon as we can after that (probably next year) after we are sealed we will have a great big party and celebrate our forever family... I am truly the happiest I have ever been.. Thank you Heavenly Father for my sweetheart, Sean Wilcox, I am truly humbled to have him in my life eternally... with his heart facing me.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Summer is coming and the skies are getting blue!!

I am on the final stretch for Boise State, meaning both my finals are next Tuesday and then the semester is OVER!!! YAY!! I have decided to take a 2 year detour and get my cosmotoligist licence and that adventure starts in Sept or Oct. I am so excited! Then I will go back to BSU and finish up while making money at the same time.. :)
 Another great thing just happened.. I am moving into a house next weekend, the day before Mothers Day. It's a cute house in Meridian and there is a fenced yard and a garage. ;) Things I have taken for granted before... My kids will be super close and I can be a more active part of thier lives.

 Also.. My sister JULIE is moving back to Wilder in two weeks! She will only be 30 mins away instead of 5 hours.. ugh! I just traveled that road last week.. painfull I tell you! She is awesome and I am thrilled to have her and her 8 children closer to me. She is truly an inspriation to me and my small family.
And then there is my Sean... I think he is an amazing and wonderful addition to my life and my childrens life. He is kind and supportive and loves me exactly as I am.. moles and all..(cause I don't have warts)  ;) 
So, life is amazing right now... I am happy. The skies are blue!! Have a frabulous day and I will post again soon. mwah!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Simplicity not present.

School is really hard. I am really busy. The two don't mix. I teach 9 classes a week, down from 12, and my body hates me! I need to figure out a better balance...

On a bright note, kids are great!

I have a really great boy friend in my life, and I am happy deep down to core, where it counts the most. Life has an amazing way of giving us the very best things in the most bizarre ways.. Love to be so loved and adored.. I am the luckiest!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh lands!

Everything is good now. I am going a million miles an hour.. School is in session now, kids are back in school,I have 9+ zumba classes a week, and I just got a job at axiom as a personal trainer to fill in the gaps. Life is busy!! But life is great! Super happy and very full.. Just a quick update.. Enjoy your day!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lies and deciet..

When I got divorced 3 years ago, I was the "bad guy"... I had left in an ugly way that hurt many. I have struggled to make things right over the last few years and feel like I have done just that.... However, I was wrong. I have been bamboozled. I have found out that it wasn't me that was the culprit of all the lies and deciet... I am finding things out daily that blow my mind. When will the deceiving end?... Then I come to a place where I recall the lessons learned. I remember all the forgiveness I have been given... I want to be my better self. I forgive. And the cycle starts again.. Yesterday was a cycle starter.. A painful one.. And today is a day to forgive and move on.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

I love a new beginning. I have had several in my life. And altho at first it may be scary to start again, I have always learned so much from the change. I am excited for this year and really happy for the growth that will take place.

I got a new calling in church. I am a primary teacher. I am so thrilled. This will be a fun adventure. :) I will probably learn from them more than I could ever teach... So excited!

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