Friday, May 4, 2012

Summer is coming and the skies are getting blue!!

I am on the final stretch for Boise State, meaning both my finals are next Tuesday and then the semester is OVER!!! YAY!! I have decided to take a 2 year detour and get my cosmotoligist licence and that adventure starts in Sept or Oct. I am so excited! Then I will go back to BSU and finish up while making money at the same time.. :)
 Another great thing just happened.. I am moving into a house next weekend, the day before Mothers Day. It's a cute house in Meridian and there is a fenced yard and a garage. ;) Things I have taken for granted before... My kids will be super close and I can be a more active part of thier lives.

 Also.. My sister JULIE is moving back to Wilder in two weeks! She will only be 30 mins away instead of 5 hours.. ugh! I just traveled that road last week.. painfull I tell you! She is awesome and I am thrilled to have her and her 8 children closer to me. She is truly an inspriation to me and my small family.
And then there is my Sean... I think he is an amazing and wonderful addition to my life and my childrens life. He is kind and supportive and loves me exactly as I am.. moles and all..(cause I don't have warts)  ;) 
So, life is amazing right now... I am happy. The skies are blue!! Have a frabulous day and I will post again soon. mwah!!!