Saturday, March 13, 2010

happy independance day!!

Just happy to have some friends that read this.. I am going to make it a private affair this year however, there are too many people that are trying to make me unhappy by taking my words and trying to twist them into something lame... SO... Send me a little shout out if you want an invite to my blog.. you have a week to let me know.. then it will just be who I choose to keep close.. thanks for all the love and support.. just trying to lay low for a little while..


  1. You know I want an in invite! You look beautiful us usual, and happy..which is new and good! :) Love you lady!

  2. I love you Kim send me an invite Hannah and I were talking and thought it would be fun to all get together sometime and hang out. give me a call sometime!!! 459-6997

  3. Love you girl! Hope you invite me. I will give you a call - we need to get together! Glad to see you blogging more. I just don't have time for Facebook in my life. You are inspiring me to do more blogging about our happenings..... Talk to you soon! :)

  4. I would like an invite. My email is
    Love ya,