Monday, March 22, 2010

a light at the end of the tunnel.

So, Yes, Brody and I are really broken up... which honestly is fine... but doesnt hurt any less.  It was a mutual choice but I have been an emotional mess this past weekend and have really drivien him away, but I must say.. that was a bombshell to go from almost being married to... lets be friends.

 The logical side of me says.. just let it go.. he wasnt worth the time and effort that a relationship like that would have taken..  First off.. he doesnt have the same religious beliefs that I do have, second if someone isnt as insanely crazy about me as I am about them.. we have a problem.

But my heart is not convinced. It wants to jump out of my body and shake him and say.. seriously!! take me back!! I cant live without you!!! and it has been the dominant one this past weekend.. which is NOT a good thing.

Finally now that I have taken my heart, spanked it, and put it back into my chest.. my brain is taking control again.  I can see that everything will be alright. I can see that I am a person of value. I have hope for the future and I can see that the past is the past.  If he never talks to me again, then he never talks to me again. But I will be fine.  The sun will shine, and the skies will be blue... and I will be better for knowing him.

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