Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rainy Daze!!

I have been enjoying school so much, but the rain is not fun. It makes me shiver right to the core. I need a heated jacket or something.  :) I love riding my bike on campus and even that is less fun when it rains..but still fun. I am so distracted right now, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I would rather be doing anything with Darin. I have to keep my head together until the end of the semester at least!! Its only a couple more months.. I can do it!  My teachers are seemingly bored now with what they are trying to teach us. I wish they would refresh themselves and shock thier teaching styles to be interesting again.. as I sit in Philosophy, blogging...

SO, Halloween is coming! yay!! I love holidays so much and more than holidays, I love decorating for holidays.. I am excited to decorate for Halloween. I will have to decorate two houses this year, and thats just great. Bailey wants to help me decorate her house and Ellen wants to help me decorate our house. It should be interesting what we come up with. I am sure we will have fun though, no matter what.

I also like cooking around the holidays.. oh trouble!! I like eating too.. lol... Have a happy day!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So, I cancelled Facebook. It was time to disconnect from the cyber-world and live in the real world. I will be blogging more often because of this choice, I am sure. I got my shoulder checked this morning after two weeks of pain from my competition with Darin's daughter, Riley, at the school carnival on the bungee run... I have a separated clavicle and tendonitis and a sprain in my shoulder. I knew I should have gone in earlier, but I have been so busy!! So now I get to ice the two areas every chance I get and take anti inflammatory medication to help with the shoulder situation. Teaching Zumba has been painful, but not impossible and hopefully it will just get better and not worse.

Life with Darin in it, is very fun and happy. I love that I can't stand to be away from him.. lol.. so funny. I feel like I am 16 again. We have done so many fun things in the three weeks we have known each other, I feel like I have had a crash course on him and given a crash course on myself as well. It is soooo much fun. His girls, Riley and Bailey, like when I come over and cook. Riley likes that I have clothes and shoes that she can borrow. Bailey likes to come to Zumba class with me and we dance all the way there and back. Ellen really likes Bailey because she is "so nice". I am glad Ellen recognizes kindness as a good quality. Aaron likes to hide in the closet in the master bedroom and play angry birds and Sebastian likes the backyard.. its so nice.. I like it too! It feels like this is what life should be like. A happy, kind, funny, dancey, place with good food and silly songs.. I LOVE this family composition. It has good dynamics and is very peaceful. Just the fact that Ellen likes to be there, is a huge indicator that I am choosing a good man and a great situation for my family and myself.