Saturday, July 16, 2011

School daze...

So, I bet you are all dying to know that I got straight A's in the summer semester!!  Dan and I are back together and the kids are all doing marvelous, because they are in summer camp for all of next week. Life is busy and full and happy. The skies are most definitely blue and sunny! I am now teaching 7 Zumba classes a week! It is so much fun... and the clubs I work for are great! I also sub classes so its more like ten classes a week on average, but who's counting?! I enjoyed school so much this summer and I can not wait until fall semester starts. I forgot how much fun education a
can be.  I wish I could go to school forever. :)  Thats all I have time to say, but I will try to keep you posted!!  TTFN!!

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