Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Phone... yes, again..

I had to get a new phone today because Cricket was acting horrible to me and I dont tollerate being treated badly.. no mas!! So I went next door to T-Mobile and explained my story to them and they were VERY helpful and kind to me. (thanks Dan for the suggestion) I like my new phone, it is an android and full of lots of time wasteing fun apps.. lol, like I have any time...But it is a nice phone, and yes, I did have to change my number yet again, but I put the new number in the info section on my facebook page.. make a note.  :) I will leave it there for a little while and then when I feel like it has been there long enough, I will take it down... so hurry.. it wont be there very long.. No Stalkers allowed!!  :)

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