Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy life changes..

     Life is so suprising at times, you think it is all supposed to go the way you plan.. and then.. it doesn't. And thats ok this time.  I feel so peaceful about life right this second.. which is weird, cause evrything is kind of up in the air... (That could change at any moment.. but so far, so good.)
     Dan and I are on a break, which means.. I get to think about if he is "the one" or if I should move along and find someone else to giggle with. So I am dating.. not a lot, but every once in a while I will accept an invite for lunch or a movie..
      I hate the single life... but I was so grateful for conference!! A little encouragement never hurts.. and maybe in the future, sometime, I won't have to be single and facing life on my own.
     The latest event in my life is School! I have been accepted to BSU and am struggling to get registered for all my classes so I can start this summer. I want to go into Health Science : fitness Evaluation with a business minor so I can run my own gym and try to be successful at it. :)
     I have sturggled this year with providing for my kids and know that getting an education will really help.  They are going to start living with their dad this coming fall and I will see them on weekends.  This is going to be difficult for me, but it is nessesary if I want to be successful with school.
     I am looking for a house to rent in Meridian starting in August. It has to be beautiful, three bedrooms and under $600.00 a month. I figure if I get a roommate, I can manage a $900.00 rent payment by having them pay $300.00 a month. A win win situation. I know something will turn up.
     Working at Icon will end on the 15th of April. Then I will start working for Micro Molding again (dads company) so I can finish the school year strong for my kids. I will have until June and then school starts.

So, yeah.. breathe.. just breathe..


  1. Thanks for this post I have been wondering how you have been doing hard to catch up too much on face-book with a post here and there. Schooldays! yippy!! Love you Nikkiii

  2. Hey girlie! So excited for you to do school. You will love it!

  3. I'm glad to see things are going good for you and the kids. Good luck with all the coming changes!