Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break!

My kids get to go to Mexico for spring break with thier dad, and I get to... register for school! I am really excited to start this summer. I got accepted to the summer session at BSU.  It will be such a blessing to get a degree in something where I can make a little more money.
My kids got a half day yesterday and no school today. Big thanks to my parents for watching them the last few days/months, while I was at work..! I love my great examples of how to be a terrific grandparent/parent.  I hope I can be as wonderful as they are someday..

So I am still dating Dan, he is my sweetheart!! We have so much fun together, and last week we even went to my parents church together. Then ate some lunch and chilled out for a while.  I love having him hold my hand. He is such a sweetheart...


  1. Aaawww! I love that you love to hold his han. That is so sweet. I am glad that he treats you good. :)

  2. sorry that was supposed to say hand. LOL! Typing with one hand while holding the baby isn't very easy.