Monday, November 21, 2011

Mccall troop!

Soooo, Darin and I and his girls are spending a few days in mccall before thanksgiving. it is a lot of fun!

It's very cold so we stay inside and do crafts or read. Today we went to the pancake house and had cinnamon rolls bigger than our heads. I had eggs and potatoes. Then we went to the gift store and looked around.. Now we are going on a trip around the lake.. We are singing songs and playing Riley's Ipod. Uncle Kracker is belting out "you make me smile"... It's a good day. It feels good to be me...

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  1. It looks so beautiful! I hope you are staying warm!!! Love you! Mom

  2. So jealous! Looks like a winter wonderland! We love the cinnamon rolls from the Pancake House! So yummy and HUGE! Glad you are having fun and happy! Love you and miss you tons!