Thursday, September 8, 2011


Well, I feel busy. I am happy to be busy and be in school. I am happy to be teaching zumba 5 times a week still. I like the challenge of balancing school and work and kids (but I fear the dishes need some attention). Today was not my favorite day though. I was told by Sebastian's teacher that he should go back to kindergarten, which I have known all along, but now WWIII will erupt as Shawn is not on the same page. I am sure things will be fine, but right now it feels overwhelming. The kindergarten schedule is very parent involved.. and has no bus routes in the afternoon, so one of us would need to be there every afternoon (probably me). My bishop told me there would be days like this, so I am riding it out and trying to be patient so that the best things will come for my sweet son.

School is in full swing for me with papers due and labs assigned. I love it, but always feel like I could do more if I had more time, but I really don't. I just keep plugging along and I enjoy the amazing weather as I walk from class to class. My mom and I are both in school right now and we get to eat lunch together on Tues or Thurs or both sometimes. I enjoy so much having a connection with her that is so loving and fun!

I am making friends again which is great! I always remember the camp song, "make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold". It has been a very long ten months of friendless days. I enjoy being me again. I enjoy friends. I am still on a dating strike. I don't think I will regret taking time for myself. I am learning that there is so much to give when you fill your own bucket first. I am also learning that , that is hard to do... taking time for myself has never been a priority, until now. I have so much to keep me busy and slowing down is sometimes a big risk.. I may never get back up!! ;) Being older and being wiser are two different things. ha ha ha..

I enjoy my Spanish class and am getting the hang of learning a language, but it comes with its own challenges. I would like to take sign language next semester because it has always fascinated me. I like the idea of dancing with my hands as a way to communicate.. :)

So life is good.. Skies are blue, sun is shinning and I am going to be just fine. Rough days happen, but I will be able to face them and smile looking back because I will do what is best for me and my little family.. love to you all.. Kim


  1. Love you too! Sounds like you are doing great! I love to read about you and your family - especially since we are so far away now......Keep pluggin away!

  2. Kim! Our family can teach you sign language, from a bona fide deaf person! If only we were closer...