Sunday, August 28, 2011

life is good, and full of change..

Off again on again is not my favorite thing, so I am off.. not dating, not in a relationship, just off. And I kinda like it. :) School is starting and life is busy and crazy and fun. I love my classes. I am studying for philosophy, archaeology, math and Spanish.. The kids start school on Tuesday and they are excited to go. I am excited to hear stories from their first day back at a new school by their dads new apartment. They can walk to and from school and they are excited for this new adventure. Ellen is starting middle school this year as a sixth grader, Aaron will be a fourth grader and Sebastian will be in first grade. They are so cute and growing up WAY TOO FAST!!

The last few years have been a huge challenge for me as some of you know, but I am happy to say that I am finally doing things the right way. It feels good and things are lining up for the good of my small family. We are being blessed so much that there is hardly room to accept all the blessings, both spiritual and temporal.. I love my children and I love my Heavenly Father..


  1. Kim it is glad to see that you still have an amazing attitude. You are always so happy I miss you we need to get together sometime!!!