Sunday, November 28, 2010

A very rashy Sunday..

Because of my celiac disease.. I get skin rashes. Usually I have only had them on the top my hand, but this year... lucky me.. I have had an unusual amount of stress.. and I have them on both shins and knees, one elbow and the top of my hand.. I look gross! I was reading about how to heal it and there aren't any real home remedies, so I am stuck with this until my medical kicks in, in January!! aahhh!!  It wouldn't be so bad if I was just a little red, but this is raised and bumpy and has oooozzzing pustules that crust over if I scratch. pretty pretty princess!! yuck!


  1. I have some meds if you would like them David had a rash and it was bad. Seriously if you want some I have it!!!

  2. I caved.. I went to my Dr today. I was in emergency mode. It was good that I went today too. The Dr told me I had a skin infection. She put me on antibiotics and steroids for a week!!