Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ok.. we are going public for a little..

Thanksgiving was so much fun! There were great people to chat with and wonderful food.. oh so good!!  Mom has been trying different recipes from a book that is GF called Cooking for ...Isaiah??... somone.. cant remember, but it is soooo good!! My kids had a great time, and my sweetheart got to meet most of my family. He stayed up till 1:30am to cook a fresh turkey for me.. because he knew they were GF.. Such a sweetheart!! He just gets better and better.. 

The kids are all doing really well right now, Ellen is getting it under control, and Aaron is trying not to cry at every little thing, Bassie is a little bit sick, but I am trying to give him a little more independance so he can detach a tiny bit.. Maybe so I can detach a little bit. He is so stinking cute!! I absolutely loved spending this Holiday with them.. yay!!

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday as well!!

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