Friday, November 13, 2009

My sweet Grandma..

Some days I feel like super mom and some days I feel so helpless. I wonder when I will feel like mediocre mom all the time?? =)

Today I went and cried to my grandma. I sat on the cemetery hill with her for about 15 tear filled moments and looked for any part of me that she has given. Then I remembered something she would do. She would give herself a little time to be sad and then she would pick herself up and say, "thats enough, I am done being sad today". And she was such a good example of strength. She had a very long life... and in that life she was an amazing woman! November is when I miss her the most because that is when she would host Thanksgiving. Not just a paper plate meal that you gorge yourself with, but a magical experience that you made you remember what it was you were thankfull for. China, candles, wonderful smells and great family with you. I miss the whole family being together, but I know she is saying to me... ok be done being sad and get on with the day... so here I go..

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  1. Ooh, I miss her too. You are lucky to be near her burial place. She was a wonderful lady. And she loved you enormously. I think you reminded her of herself. Love you!