Monday, October 5, 2009

Been waiting for this moment for all of my life...

So things are good.. weird huh? I feel good. The kids are doing good. I have been doing more and sitting less.. which is so nice.. I hate to sit and do nothing.. (anyone who knows me knows that)..

Fall is here and again I start to get that urge to cook yummy things... which sometimes can be a challenge for the Gluten sensitive.. But I will embrace this autumn!! I will cook.. I will cozy up with my hot chocolate as I pour through recipes that I want to try and I will be amazing at it!! I am excited to try things that I have been too intimidated to do before.. Christmas cookie plates, beware! Hah haha!!

In looking for a job.. Wells Fargo gave me an opportunity as a teller, so that is another challenge I am facing this fall.. again I will conquer and go far!! (even if Josh and John harass me).. lol!! So far I really enjoy the days where the drawer balances and no one yells at me.. I am way too sensitive the other days.. but my boss told me that I need to get mean and start telling people what I need them to do .. don't ask.. tell them..

Another thing I like about the fall is the sweaters and the rain.. It has been in the 50s and 60s around here.. kinda on the cool side for this Cali girl, but the Idaho girl in me loves it!! I like warm clothes and snuggle blankets.. so nice...

My kids amaze me... with the quirks and the funny comments they come up with daily.. they really are a joy in my life.. I am so grateful that they are in my home as much as they are.. I so love a good snuggle on the couch with Bass and A tickle fight with Aaron and a drive full of questions with Ellen.. It makes me so happy to know that they know that I love them. It is my one place in this world I cannot fail... I will not fail them..

Well, there is my happy blurb.. figured you all deserved a lift after the last blog I wrote! Have a happy Autumn time!!!

Lots of Love to you!!


  1. Glad you are feeling so optimistic! You are such a wonderful daughter! Love you!!!!

  2. I can feel it... callin' in the air tonight... Phil Collins. Your title reminded me of that song. Hee Hee!! I'm so glad you are doin' so great! Don't let the boys at work get ya down. Randy thinks they are all in love with you. Oh Great right? I'm way excited to see you soon.