Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn fun..

Today I took sebastian acorn hunting at the park. and we found some fun treasures.. then I took him to the store to find a bowl to put the treasures into, and I found this!! so cool!! I love this new dessert bowl. I am going to try and make something that looks like this... I have been trying to be a yummy cook lately and have really been struggling with textures (because of the gf factor) but I managed to make some yummy things.. like butternut squash with butter and brown sugar
and salt.. so yummy.. and halloween cookies..

out of a box (not gf) and Ellen was able to cook them alone.. she was so proud of herself!!

then we were tuckered out!! so the boys sat around for a while to play computer games before bed... and we got our pjs on and now the house is quiet.. except the tapping of the computer keys..


  1. Kim I have the best dessert recipe book that is GF I love it it has some very tasty things in it. Come and get it. Give me a call. 459-6997. Also I love that our kids are growing up and cooking in the kitchen. Joseph loves to cook he could live in the kitchen if I don't want to cook dinner he does if for me. I love my kids. They are great.

  2. Love the pictures! And it's fun to read too! Love you!