Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lies and deciet..

When I got divorced 3 years ago, I was the "bad guy"... I had left in an ugly way that hurt many. I have struggled to make things right over the last few years and feel like I have done just that.... However, I was wrong. I have been bamboozled. I have found out that it wasn't me that was the culprit of all the lies and deciet... I am finding things out daily that blow my mind. When will the deceiving end?... Then I come to a place where I recall the lessons learned. I remember all the forgiveness I have been given... I want to be my better self. I forgive. And the cycle starts again.. Yesterday was a cycle starter.. A painful one.. And today is a day to forgive and move on.

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  1. Kim I love you and think that you are an amazing and happy Women!! I would love to chat sometime!! I would love it! Give me a call sometime and we can get together!! 602-6840 or my house is 459-6997 Love you

  2. I am sorry for all you have been through. I feel for you and your family,kids, and husband. I learned a long time ago that divorce is never one person's "fault". I don't even like using the word. It places blame and it sounds like you are in a good place, a place to move forward. I am sending good positive thoughts your way through this start of the cycle and everyday - really. Love and hugs!